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The Song - Give Me Hope

Available at all good streaming stores!

Give Me Hope


There once was a time I tried, lord I tried.

But it never felt right, all my life, so lord I cried.

If there was a time, you know.

I’d think about it all the time, and so.

I’ve never felt that there was a time.


Patience don’t take it slow, we might fade away.

If we don’t let go. Oh no, no, no.

Patience now take me home, we might never know.

If we don’t let go. Oh no, no, no.


You say you’ll lose control, we can only hope,

We both so want to know, oh so let’s go.

Show me.

Give me hope.


Give me hope, your patience gives me hope.

So give me hope, give me hope.


Patience you give hope.

And you should know.

Your patience gives me hope.

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