Meditation - Keeping It Simple!

Some simple meditations to get you in a meditative state all day

Below you will find a few simple meditations which will aid you to keep a calm & caring demeanour all day, every day. Meditation is not about emptying the mind. It is about a concentrated focus on one idea or phrase. It is about seeing the chosen meditation from all angles & perspectives.

When you first meditate you may notice your mind wandering away to your shopping list, or current worries. Do not despair. The fact that you have noticed this happening is already progress. From here you simply say, there goes my wandering mind again, then simply bring your thoughts back to the meditation.


You do not need to be sat in a quiet spot, although that might help. The idea is that with practice you can do these meditations at anytime and anywhere. And once adept, you will not need them at all.


A Meditation & Visualisation 

The One!

Imagine being conscious only of being conscious. All is dark as there is no light, but it is not really dark as there are no eyes to see.

There is nothing around to be touched as the sense of touch does not exist.

There is no sound as nothing exists.

There is nothing to cause or hear sound. Same for taste & smell.

Meditate on this state of nothingness apart from a conscious awareness of the nothingness.

It is terrifying especially as it goes on for eternity. Or is it peaceful as it goes on for eternity. Or is it boring and tedious as it goes on for eternity.

The need for a plan becomes obvious!



Meditation & Visualisation

Two Faces Of The One!


Picture your consciousness is at the centre of the universe. Everywhere you look the light of a multitude of stars shine back at you.

Then all the stars at once begin to approach you. As they all get closer the light seems brighter, until they are close enough for you to see something quite unexpected & incredible:

All the stars are in fact mirrors reflecting light back at You!



Picture yourself outside of the universe looking in. 

You see a massive human face. When you look closer you find that this large human face is made up of all other smaller human faces.

You then focus on one of the small faces. The one big face becomes that small face but made up of all the other small faces.

This happens for whichever small face you look upon.



The Law Of Happiness & Love

Climbing The Ladder Of Happiness and Joy

If you are inclined to meditate on the pictures to the left, you will probably very quickly discover the many hindrances thrown in your path by an overactive or tired body, impatient/frustrated emotions and racing thoughts with absolutely no relation to the meditation.

Simply observing this state of affairs is a success and marks the beginning of your journey into true self knowledge.

A continued perseverance will lead to a wider knowledge and wisdom than you ever suspected was possible!

May the blessings herein contained awaken and inspire your soul and consciousness.

Blessed be!

Be Happy!

Be Joyful!

Chalice artwork by Myzteryy